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Well come to my home town. With the warm weather upon us well or we did have a 59 degree day and 6 inch's of snow the next day. I was able to take a nice bike ride my first of the year, It was a 15 mile ride I took the the I-275 trail south which is a bicycle trail that run right along the 275 freeway. The other benefit to living in Plymouth is the access to Hines drive which is a park that you can take from Dearborn Mi to Northville Mi this is a popular route for commuters it's a peaceful ride through the park with a top speed of forty miles an hour. During the summer every saturday from 9am til high noon they shut the road down from Ann Arbor rd to Michigan Ave. so you can ride right down the middle of the road or walk,skateboard, roller blade etc.  Here is the link so you can plan a trip to my town

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